Clinton says Iran sanctions should target ruling elite Clinton says Iran sanctions should target ruling elite updated 7:01 pm CST TODAY - January 11, 2010 If that Clinton indeed care their own USA, she and he should have committed suicide to die for th 麻辣鍋eir own sucking crimes long time ago to spare USA from dying for the crimes they committed around the globe, they don't even care their own USA, how dare you allow them to have any say to Israel, no 麻辣火鍋t mention to Iran or anyone else. That how Iran has all its right to nuclear entire Continent of America, because Iran must have no way to kill their sucking US liar President Bill Clinton and 火鍋吃到飽 his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton so called USA ruling elite, because Iran does not like US sucking ruling elite "US liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton " abused their super 盤纏銀兩 powerful weapon and US Dollars Bill force to enlarge their underground chained slavery terrors force SLAVES every where to do the target like USA done in USSR, in East German, in North Korea, in Taiwan, and in Mainland China, not mention in Latin Amer 金瓜石民宿ica and all their own allies (That how you cannot afford to have liar to be your friend, not mention to be your partner or enemy.). That how you must not allow any liar to seat in your public office, because liar must be abuser, has no way to see things right, that how even super powerfu 九份民宿l USA is falling down, because all their sucking elected Congress are liars, therefore, they cannot see how their government form most important rule matters, that is every elected public servant must not be allowed to hire any aide or assistance (So that when Congress member too busy to finish reading the 清境people's letters, they can know and immediately alerted that their nation must be in serious trouble, therefore, they must have to freeze every one from moving around, all Congress member must live day and night inside their own office room to find out what the problem must be, how to deal with the problem, if they cannot be able to 汽車美容 figure out and deal the problem, they must close down their entire government and hand their entire nation under US military care.); just like HOA team must not be allowed to hire anyone to mow their lawn, must not be allowed to hire anyone to fix their tennis court, must not be allowed to hire anyone to care their public club, not mention to hire anyone t 洗車o care their money, so that when HOA team cannot have enough man power to care and deal with their own problem, they must not allow anyone to move in any more, so that to make sure their own sudivision can live and die and dry out peacefully.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 鍍膜  .


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