Schwarzenegger Rushes to Secure Votes to End California's Budget Impasse... Schwarzenegger Rushes to Secure Votes to End California' 酒店打工;s Budget Impasse... Th 開幕活動e right way to deal with secure issue is to execute Governor authority to 燒烤call USA military force entering the State of california to seal (When you lack of enough food to f 室內設計eed all California, all woman who ever gave birth or be called mom inside your State must either voluntarily starve to 澎湖民宿 die or be killed immediately to make sure the youngsters must have American time to grow up mankind tall. Any hospital worker, doctor, nurs 酒店工作e, ever committed the crime to profited from prolong handicaped unfree life or making living out of lasting those "C.腎者" "Sheng.Boot.Rule.4" lifetime, must be ki 酒店兼職lled and go to hells rather sooner than later. Anyone too sick to cared by California Chinese medicine, must be killed rather sooner than later.)the border of the State of California 酒店兼職to end the State of California civil right, no more election, Governor Schwarzenegger will be the last one live the rest of his life in the California Governor House, when he dies, the Governor of Californi G2000a must die along with him to return the entire State of California back to USA military forceful land.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 591  .
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